The origins of our olive oil

The most precious ingredients are the olives, which flourish in the coastal region of Maremma and are processed into olive oil with a unique character.

Crystal clear water along the coastline, small ridges of hills from which the view spreads far and wide and towns built on rock, form the landscape of Maremma, the region of Italy that stretches from southern Tuscany to northern Lazio.

Maremma has preserved its rural habitat until today, you will not come across any motorways in this area. On the contrary, you may encounter Butteros, the mounted shepherds of Maremma and the archetype of the classic "lonesome cowboy" riding their horses along the remote paths. The native inhabitants of Maremma live mainly from agriculture, vineyards, and olive groves, as well as from sheep and cattle farming.

We are so fortunate that our olive trees flourish in this beautiful, still wild, and yet unspoiled part of the world.

Olive grove in the coastal region of Maremma

The olive harvest begins at the end of September/beginning of October. Each family member and the whole neighbourhood is involved and support each other. People await the harvest period with excitement and once it comes, they are all extremely busy.

A regular working day during the harvest time usually starts with a cup of delicious espresso in a local bar where coworkers conduct lively discussions. We, as they call us „i Tedeschi“ (the Germans), are also welcome to join the morning talks.

It is common that the evenings are still mild at this time of year, so after work people enjoy each other’s company over a glass of regional wine. The inhabitants are immensely proud of their local products such as olive oil, wine, vegetables grown in their gardens and honey.

Once the harvest time comes to an end, we take the olives to a local mill, where they are pressed into oil. A certain tension and anxiety may be observed until it becomes clear what aroma and what amount of oil has been “produced” by nature.

We have products in store from several filling sources across different growing areas in Maremma, Tuscany and Lazio. The olives themselves come from our own olive trees and from those of our neighbours. All oils come from controlled organic cultivation and they have gone through various certification processes in Italy, so their quality is proven. Because of this, we can assure you that our virgin olive oil is, from a culinary point of view, your best choice.

Crystal clear water

Try our virgin olive oil now and be delighted by its unique character.