Quality of our olive oil

What makes an excellent olive oil? How do you achieve such quality? Five reasons why our olive oil meets the highest standards.

Reason No. 1: Transparency

Pure, clear, straight, honest, and clean, these are our demands on our olive oil, its origin and production. The production chain is short and transparent, from the olive harvest, to pressing in a local mill then direct sale in our online shop. Our Bio Austria Olive Oil Cosmetics are produced from our olive oil by a contracted business partner in Austria. All production steps are clearly defined to meet our high-quality standards and expectations.

Bottle of DesOlive olive oil

Reason No. 2: Timing

There are two, time factors which significantly influence the quality of an olive oil. Firstly, it is the harvest period itself: the earlier the olives are picked, the more intense, spicy, and pungent the flavor of the oil is. In Italian it is called “pizzica”. We pick some of our olives later when they are riper and darker. They are the basis of our DesOlive “mild”. Secondly, it is the maturity of the olives which determines their polyphenol content. These secondary plant compounds specify the taste and sensory characteristics of the oil, they give the oils complex aromas and their distinctive character. They also belong to the group of antioxidants which are thought to help protect our cells. Last year the polyphenol content of our olive oil reached the legendary value of 1778 mg/kg. The decisive factor for this high content is the way we process our olives and that only a few hours elapse between the harvest and the pressing of our olives.

Reason No. 3: Cultivation

Our olive trees grow in the region of Maremma, Tuscany and Lazio, almost at the sea level. It is this special climate that allows our olives to develop their unique character and so the olive oil is also distinctive. Moreover, our olive oil fully complies with the strict guidelines for controlled organic cultivation. The quality has been certified in Italy. You will find the certificates on the product pages in our online shop to download.

Reason No. 4: Processing

The way in which the olive oil is produced is decisive for its quality. We have chosen an oil mill that presses our olives carefully and with purely mechanical methods without the addition of chemical substances. We only bottle the oil from the first pressing and we only process olives of the highest quality. The result is a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, in which the characteristic features such as taste, smell and colour of the olives are fully preserved. An olive oil of proven finest quality.

Olive oil test

Reason No. 5: Certified quality: our olive oil in test

During the production process our olive oils are analysed and registered in the laboratory, so that it is always possible to trace when they were processed and to which origin and production batch they belong. In this way we can guarantee that our oil can be classified as "extra virgin". In addition, we regularly and independently test other components. Apart from the above-mentioned polyphenol content, we also test the acid content. This must not exceed 0.8 percent for an olive oil of "extra virgin" quality. Our olive oil has an acid content of only 0.16 to 0.29 percent. Test certificates are available for download in our online shop.

Acid certificate

Try our extra virgin olive oil now and be delighted by the green-gold colour and the fruity-grassy taste of our olive oil.