DesOlive – Gourmet Condimento Bianco denso di Modena

Our Condimento Bianco (in English/German: white balsamic vinegar or so-called white spice) from the region of Modena is characterised by its particularly low acidity and distinctive, spicy sweetness. A vinegar of the highest quality.

Our Condimento Bianco should not be missing in any gourmet kitchen. We recommend it for refining mixed salads, grilled or boiled vegetables, fried or steamed fish, white meat, fried foods, crustaceans and prawns, seafood salad and cheese. Due to its low acidity, you can also enjoy this white balsamic vinegar pure, simply pour 2-4 cl into a small glass and let the taste melt on your tongue.

Condimento Bianco is produced from white wine vinegar and concentrated grape juice from light grape varieties. Thanks to its golden colour it can be used for seasoning food without darkening it.


Degree of thickness (density)1,28
StorageKeep away from heat and light