DesOlive® solid hand balm with organic olive oil

Our intensively nourishing, discreetly fragrant hand balm takes care of your skin when creaming and pampers it with cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil, organic shea butter and natural beeswax.

DesOlive® natural cosmetics with purely herbal ingredients for soft and noticeably well taken care of hands, give your skin 100 percent natural, regenerating care and protection against environmental influences . The gently cold-pressed, natural olive oil contains plenty of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and polyphenols, so-called antioxidants, that stimulate cell renewal and provide the particularly stressed skin on your hands with long-lasting moisture.
Similar to a bar of soap, move the solid hand balm between your hands, the nourishing ingredients dissolve and spread evenly on the skin. This not only feels great, it also makes the DesOlive® hand balm particularly efficient.
In a tightly closed metal container, our hand cream is the ideal companion for traveling, because you can easily take it with you in your handbag or in a toiletry bag when traveling.
The practical metal container is, of course, reusable. Next time, simply order our refill hand balm in a 100 percent recyclable parchment bag in the DesOlive® online shop.

  • made by hand

  • with 53% cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

  • shea butter from certified organic farming

  • with nourishing beeswax

  • contains the natural squalene and glycerin of the olive oil

  • rich in antioxidants,vitamin E, polyphenols and valuable unsaturated fatty acids

  • free from palm oil, silicones, paraffins und mineral oils

  • natural lemon fragrance with a touch of rosemary

  • free from flavouring and perfumes

  • without artificial preservatives e.g. parabens

  • plastic free packaging in reusable metal container

  • refill available in 100% recycable parchment bag

  • content: 25 g

  • shelf life: 24 months

Details ab 10,00

Content: 25g