DesOlive – Extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany and Lazio

Distinctive in its intense green colour and spicy-fruity taste with a hint of artichokes. The characteristic spiciness of this oil is a result of early harvesting of the olives. This is also called “pizzica” in Italian.

A natural extra virgin olive oil, with a unique taste, typical for our Maremma region, located in the middle of Lazio and Tuscany. Picked with passion, dedication, and experience at the right degree of olive maturity. From the tree directly onto the table.

Our olive oil owes its distinctive character and complex aromas to the special coastal climate and the gentle processing of the fruits. It takes only a few hours between the olive harvest and the purely mechanical cold pressing in our local mill. Apart from the quality of the fruits, quick and at the same time gentle processing determines how much valuable polyphenol the oil finally contains and how high its acidity is. For an olive oil of the highest “extra virgin” quality, acidity must not exceed 0.8%. Our oil is far below the given limit.

  • extra virgin olive oil in organic quality

  • rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, polyphenols, and valuable unsaturated fatty acids

Details ab 12,50



OriginLatium, Maremma, Italy
Cultivation10-50 meters above sea level
Harvesting methodHand harvest, with a rake for higher branches
Tree pruningCone formed
Olive typesLeccino, Canino, Frantonio
Harvest timeNovember 2019
Degree of maturity80% – 85%
ProcessingCold pressing within 24 hours after picking, suspended solids filtered out
AcidityBetween ca. 0,27% – 0,29%
ColourIntense green, fresh herbs
FragranceFruity pleasant, like just after picking
TasteSpicy-fruity with a hint of artichokes, aromatic
StorageCool, dark place up to max. 25° C
Shelf lifeOpened, up to 18 months, unopened up to 24 months