DesOlive – Condimento Rosé Gourmet

With fine bitter-sweet spiciness, a combination of white wine vinegar and red wine vinegar and concentrate from red wine must, not only savory dishes, but also sweet ones are given that certain something.

Elegant, spicy sweetness meets bitter-sweet aromas, which have matured for nine years to develop their complex taste. A combination of our Gourmet Condimento Bianco denso di Modena and our Gourmet Aceto Balsamico di Modena I.G.P. creates an incredibly special blend typical of our region of Maremma and Tuscany: the Condimento Rosé Gourmet.

The Condimento has a clear rosé colour and, thanks to its complex taste, it goes well with savory dishes such as fish, seafood and shellfish, white meat, or fried foods but also with vegetables and salads. Our Condimento Rosé Gourmet refines sweet desserts too, it adds a special touch to cheese and can even be enjoyed on its own in small sips.


Content: 0,5l
Degree of thickness (density)1,26-1,30
Alcohol content0,1-1,2 % vol
StorageKeep away UV-light and store at a temperature of 4-25°C