Our Philosophy

Olive oil has been perceived since ancient times as “the gift of the gods” and “green gold”. According to this tradition we distribute olive oil products of the highest quality from our own, controlled organic cultivation in Italy.

The olive tree is a symbol of wisdom, peace, and immortality. Its fruits have been processed into precious oils since ancient times. Nowadays it provides us not only with culinary delights, but also with valuable ingredients that nourish and protect us both, internally and externally.

Every olive oil product from our online shop is produced with love and care, from olives which we and our friends (olive farmers) cultivate in Maremma, Tuscany and Lazio.

Olive oil perceived as green gold

Our olive oil is a genuine natural product, and you will be charmed by its green gold colour. Once you have tasted its fruity and herbaceous flavor with spicy aftertaste, you will understand why olive oil is called “the gift of the gods” by the Italians.

Our olive oil natural cosmetic products are produced for us in Austria. This olive oil is not only quality certified, but also organically certified in Austria and Germany.

Our extra virgin olive oil comes exclusively from the first cold pressing and is of the highest "extra virgin" and organic quality. Depending on the growing area it develops its own character and differs in scent, colour, aroma and taste - comparable to a good wine.

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