About us

Love of one of the most wonderful places on Earth, Maremma in Italy, and of the finest olive oil, connects Désirée Ditterich and Louisa Hentschel.

Désirée Ditterich and Louisa Hentschel

Désirée Ditterich and Louisa Hentschel

Twenty years ago, we bought a piece of land with olive trees, in the native region of Maremma and started to acquire expertise in producing a unique olive oil. The love of this, the most wonderful place on earth, connects us.

Growing up on a farm, knowing how it is to work with your hands alongside nature, we rediscovered our roots in Italy. This country inspires us and has awoken a passion for a traditional craft in us.

The region of Maremma extends from southern Tuscany to northern Lazio. Our olives grow here near the coast, almost at the sea level, and due to this special, coastal climate they develop an intense aroma.

We will never forget the first time we harvested olives ourselves, once the harvest was over, we felt an overwhelming satisfaction. The pure, spicy taste of our olive oil is simply unforgettable.

Nothing has changed. Initially only a hobby as time went by, our passion became our common vocation”, Désirée and Louisa reflect.

Cooperation with olive growers

We work closely with the olive growers of the region and over the years, we have established strong friendships with them. Our neighbour is one of the co-founders of “Slow Food”. The devotion of the inhabitants to their land and to the food coming purely from nature continuously inspires us.

We spend several months a year in our house in Maremma, which we have transformed into an agri-tourism farm. The most important event of the year is always the olive harvest that begins from the end of September. We are honored and happy that we can share all of this with you.

Get to know our commitment to quality and discover the incomparable taste of our finest olive oils.