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High-quality olive oil directly from the producerOur extra virgin olive oil is produced with love and care

Olives, grown on our family lands in Italy, owe their very unique aroma and flavor to the exceptional climate of the coastal region of Maremma, which belongs to Tuscany and Lazio. We harvest them at the optimal time and process the fruits in a very gentle and careful way. The result is outstanding: the original, high-quality olive oil, which happens to be called “the green gold of gods”. Read more

Hints & Knowledge

The holistic method of oil extraction has been used for thousands of years for oral and dental care. The use of olive oil has in this area other positive implications.
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Louisa, the midwife, and Désirée the motivational trainer, aunt and niece, so close and similar to each other and yet so different. They both discovered their passion for a unique olive oil in their beloved Maremma. Learn more about us